10 December 2016

1 month HR Software Consulting

Who would have thought about it that the HR Software Consulting website and with it a new offer of an independent consulting service in the field of HR Software is live now for 1 month and the positive response is growing daily. Additionally we want to point out that we are just in the beginning and that we will continue to keep this service running. Our website is getting better every week in terms of the SEO ranking and it is a pleasure to see our online presence getting stronger. Our Offer page on which we give HR decision makers a detailed overview about our services is enjoying high popularity.

Equally our blog articles are receiving a lot of positive feedback’s and we will continue to offer you a large range of different topics. We won’t always write about HR Software topics on our Blog, that’s why our article go further than that. So far the biggest positive response we have received from the articles about the topics “What means HR TECH?” and “Why Hierarchies impede many Companies”. We will continue to work on these and other topics in the future, but we will also not neglect the topics about politics and environment and will state our opinion, when we think it is appropriate.

With this in mind our journey is going to continue and we will work on our website and offer to convince you from our service. Our next blog article will deal in detail with the topic of the different project management certificates, like PMI and Prince and when it is useful to apply these approaches in the everyday project life.

Now we wish you further enjoyment while visiting our blog and reading our blog articles.

With our best wishes
HR Software Consulting

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