5 January 2017

What HR should consider during the Software Selection

The first blog article in 2017 deals with the question what HR has to consider during the internal Software Selection and why it useful to obtain a Big Picture before purchasing the new Software. Especially with regard of the diversity of so many different providers that one can find nowadays on the market. Many HR Software Providers may be great in certain areas of HR processes, but if this is enough for companies from a bigger size is the question to find out. So why is it important that the HR department should focus on the Big Picture?

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On one hand side it is important, because the purchase of Software implies long-term contracts and dependencies in many cases. No one wants to implement Software that will be replaced after 2 years, because it turned out that it isn’t the right one or because during the purchase phase the provider didn’t go through an in depth evaluation. On the other hand side HR needs Software solutions that are future oriented. Solutions that can support also further HR processes and that are not only applicable in one or a few HR business areas. If you take for instance an HR Software provider that offers a solution for the electronic personnel file storage but doesn’t have any suitable solution in the area of performance management or MBOs. The same applies for providers that are strong in the area of e-Recruiting, but in all other HR process areas they have no appropriate solutions. Unfortunately there are only a few HR Software providers on the Swiss German speaking market that offer for every HR process a solution. If this is deliberately or not remains to be seen. So companies from a certain size, e.g. from 5.000 employees and in some cases much lower, depending on the international approach will always rather take the providers that offer solutions for all HR processes, for instance SAP, Oracle and similar. For further information we can recommend you for example HRlab.com, which gives you a good overview about different HR Software providers based on the English speaking markets. As comparison platforms like that are increasingly common one can find many more, e.g. from Softwareadvice.com or Comparehris.com.

It is paying off as in many areas of life to carry out a SWOT Analysis and to find out the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats that come along with the potential HR Software provider and its offered products.

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You can either carry out the SWOT Analysis on your own or with professional help. Particularly in times were your time is very precious the last option is recommendable and a good consulting, for instance from our side can safe you costs and time. As you might know, we offer an independent service that gives you an extensive overview about the various HR Software providers and their products. Further information you will find here on our website if you click on The Offer. We are always pleased and happy to answer your questions all around HR Software Selection and we hope that if you are going to decide for new HR Software you will make the right choice.

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