12 May 2017

Why E-Learning is becoming constantly increasing significant

Location-independent learning or E-Learning is becoming constantly increasing significant. This trend is confirmed over the last years! Almost every course can be completed through E-Learning and that’s why today’s blog article deals with this and questions how it came to this development. Especially for people that have difficulties to access education this is good and gratifying.

E-Learning is becoming constantly increasing significant, Picture source: Pexels.com

Pick up languages through E-Learning. Does this work at all?

Whether private or in companies, there is almost no area today that one can think of without E-Learning. This form of learning did a huge development and the tendency shows that during the next years there will be an increasing development within this domain. Whether to learn languages as private person, where one can find by now countless platforms. We can recommend for instance Babbel.com, as we collected very good experiences and we use it when it comes to online languages learning.

E-Learning Platforms can do a lot

Thanks to E-Learning platforms, courses that deal with certain topics, e.g. Compliance or other ones can be created without complications and can be used by employees. Through the achievements by the development of Software based programs to learning, it contributed to the overall perception that it got much easier to collaborate location-independent together. It has gotten much easier to have teams in different locations, lets say world wide, but it’s still possible to make sure that all have access to the exact same content that is needed for their daily professional activities. This is mainly interesting in the context of virtual organisations, as it is most important that the teams are connected within their virtual environment and can cooperate well with each other.

Location-independent Learning for certain Certificates

Though E-Learning or online learning is perceived as steadily important in the context of certain certifications. For instance nowadays one can do an ITIL V3 Certificate through E-Learning and one doesn’t need to go to relatively expensive seminar trainings. In the beginning of 2017 we wrote about it that it is much more affordable to do this course online and in accordance with online learning programs. Of course one shouldn’t neglect the good old training books either. We have met and we know people that could safe around 90% of the costs of a standard course, because they used E-Learning and self-training. If you want to know more about the ITIL V3 certification you can check and read our blog article, which we published in January 2017.

How does the E-Learning vendor landscape look like in Switzerland?

In Switzerland one can find many established vendors. But the encompassing all-rounder is missing or maybe he didn’t show up yet. Quite often the regional heritage is an important fact during the selection of an E-Learning solution. Also the whole topic of data hosting is a much bigger topic than in other areas of the world, particularly when it comes to state or state near organisations. If you search for the term E-Learning vendor Switzerland on Google, than you will find the corresponding recommendations to the most known E-Learning vendors within Switzerland.

Conclusion: Where you should keep an eye on during the implementation of E-Learning Software

Basically you should always keep an eye on the fact, that the chosen E-Learning Software is fulfilling your needs. Which means actually that you should have an exact evaluation, which software is matching your processes. Don’t forget the view beyond the horizon and if necessary involve professional advice. As in many other areas the collected experiences of other companies and organisations, can be quite helpful for you, but you also shouldn’t follow them blindly. Especially in times of big organisational changes you should keep in mind for what you want to use the E-Learning Software and also consider steps that you weren’t aware of in the beginning.

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