20 December 2016

Are you ready for Holacracy?

This blog article deals with the concept of Holacracy and what value adding possibilities this form of self-organisation can bring into the daily work within companies. It is a form of collaboration that has found high reminiscence during the last years and more and more companies start using it. The emphasis is held on every single employee and his or her own responsibility. So everyone can contribute and fulfill his or her tasks and duties completely on their own. A direct supervisor who is telling what he or she as to do is not needed in this modern form of collaboration. Many organizations that use this approach put value on the trust of the individual person and that he or she knows how to do the work best so everyone involved will be satisfied. For more information please visit the website of Holacracy.org.

That this approach is very different from any form of an chaotic working attitude is explained in the principles that explain this form of collaboration best. As there are no chiefs or bosses but a flat hierarchy it doesn’t automatically mean that there isn’t any control. The contrary is the case, Holacracy leads to the fact that employees feel that they are taken serious and they feel that they can contribute on a bigger scale to the well being of the company, which is not quite often the case in mainly rigid structures. Of course this is only possible if this approach is supported and also introduced by the Top Level Management. There are many different consulting organisations that offer their advice and support for companies that are going to implement Holacracy. Additionally there is a lot of literature and many success stories one can read about and take into consideration. The roll based concept and what it all means in terms of collaboration is well explained on Wonder Works Consulting.

To best summarize the approach of Holacracy one can see it as a new way of collaboration that gives hope that particularly companies use it that are not making much progress and are stuck. As this approach comes along with big change processes it won’t be easy for organisations to find an easy way to adapt this modern form of working together. But there are already enough pioneers that have implemented Holacracy and are working already successful with it. For further information we can recommend you the article about Holacracy from the Innovator’s Guide Switzerland. We will keep you informed about the future developments on the Swiss market here on our blog.

As Christmas time is slowly coming – we want to already wish you a wonderful time with your family and friends.

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