15 February 2017

What we should know about Conflicts

Today’s blog article deals with one of the most controversial topics, which one can witness within companies and organisations. Unsolved conflicts often lead to arguments and impede the coexistence. However it could be actually so easy to resolve these conflict sources, for instance to simply have a more intense look onto this topic and to find out what happens during the conflict development. One can find plenty of interesting and exciting reading material or advisors, for instance if you have a look on Mindtools.com where you find more information about resolving problems.

Conflicts are often cumbersome, Source: Pixabay.com

The most banal differences of opinion can in the end lead to an escalating conflict and both conflict parties will be overwhelmed by the power of a fully evolved conflict. Often the so-called misunderstandings (by the way a terms which is quite often used within Switzerland) lead to escalating conflicts, which come along with Glasl’s Nine-Stage Model of Conflict until it is too late and the “balloon” bursts. In order that this doesn’t happen, it is worth it to obtain professional advice. For instance one will find free of charge materials, when you google for the term Conflict Management. A good and interesting hand out one can find on idebate.org. Statements such as Conflict Management costs only and doesn’t add-value, can be refuted within short time. Very often behind such assertions lies a deep-rooted protective mechanism. It is possible that one is afraid that an internally misdirected process will be uncovered. Especially companies with high turnover, which mainly come from differences of opinion, may have taken over such statements. The proper handling of conflicts does make a lot of sense and should be treated with the necessary seriousness. Therefore the so-called misunderstandings should be treated properly and with respect.

Practise Nonviolent Communication

The highest discipline of dealing with Conflict Management is the concept of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). It is developed by Marshall Rosenberg, who started already as child to search for solutions for conflicts and violence. This primarily in regard of his Jewish descent, as he got beaten up by other children in the US city of Detroit, only because of this. The nonviolent communication is a very high form of regardful interaction and can be practised by everyone. It is not only useful within interpersonal relations, but is also applied to find solutions for political conflicts. If you visit CNVC.org you will find further, helpful information about Nonviolent Communication, trainers and courses. As already mentioned it is recommendable to have a closer look into this method as it also stands for a high form of linguistic interaction. Particularly in the context of what can be caused by language. There are so many problems and conflicts that you might know that should be solved. And if you haven’t found a good method then the Nonviolent Communication might be the right one. We can at least assure you that you will think differently after having had a closer look into the book of Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg.

Wouldn’t Conflict Management be interesting for HR Software Providers?

Until now we are not aware of any HR Software Providers that offer this topic within their Talent Management Suites and Portfolios. Did we actually hit a market niche? It would be interesting to deal with Conflict Management with a specific software that based on a “Good Practice” would help organisations and companies to find solutions. More interesting is the fact which Conflict Management method would be used within the software. Ideally it would be a standard process in which managers and employees are be able to have orientation and to celebrate the first successes in terms of solving conflicts.

Managing Conflicts successfully means decreasing the turnover

During the last time we had a closer look how to solve conflicts and we can recommend you to use this concept during your daily work. Especially the Human Resources departments are asked to have an open ear for Conflict Management and to offer appropriate solutions. In our opinion it shouldn’t be the case nowadays that because of misunderstandings a conflict escalates. Thus bad Conflict Management leads to loss of time, loss of motivation and loss of staff.

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