5 March 2017

The new HR Software Heroes

You don’t know them yet? The new HR Software Heroes that make the life of the companies with up to 100 employees much easier than it used to be. Our today’s blog article deals with those representatives, because we have heard about it during recent conversations and we find it fascinating that nowadays rather small companies have this possibility. Because in the past times those companies mostly couldn’t effort to implement the conventional HR Software solutions, and they simply let it go. The result was that they were lacking behind in professional HR processes, because with Excel and Co. it is too complicated to offer professional services for the external as well as internal customers. So small companies had already a disadvantage to bigger companies in attracting the right people and also in keeping the existing ones.

The signs are clearly set, Source: Pixabay.com

Who and what are those HR Software Heroes?

Under HR Software Heroes we understand HR Software Providers that offer their Software solutions as Software as a Service (SaaS) and where the implementation doesn’t need any additional consulting or even an on-site project. The consultation and with it the implementation is usually done via Webinar and the end user will receive an overview what the Software is able of and how to configure it. The solutions are so intuitive that often the end user doesn’t need any prior knowledge to bring the Software “up and running”. We have also heard from a company with only 10 employees that implemented Software for the agreement of objectives and the performance assessment. As they don’t have a person who is fully responsible for the HR processes, every Line Manager takes over this role independently and contributes to the growth of the company, making sure that employees obtain realistic objectives and a fair performance assessment.

What has changed on the HR Software market?

A lot changed on the HR Software market since the first solutions were introduced. Plus HR SaaS solutions do exist already longer on the market. New and really groundbreaking is the fact that there are so many rather smaller but compact providers that support the rather small-and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), so they can build up professional HR processes. You can read more about what all changed and the trends for this year in the report: HR Technology Disruptions for 2017: Nine Trends Reinventing the HR Software Market by Bersin by Deloitte. You just have to register and then you can download the report. Next to the presented HR Technology innovations you’ll also find a good overview about the nine trends that will turn the HR Software market upside down. The new and innovative HR Software Providers are also presented, so it is worth to find out more. Besides that the report is free of charge, the only thing you have to do is register yourself and login. In this report it is also mentioned what is important during the next years in terms of collaboration and how teams and team leaders should work together in a network, so they are able to survive on the market and continuously strive for innovation. Thus you can find HR Software solutions, which focus in this area and will help companies in changing the working world.

Where is the HR Software market heading to?

The journey will continuously proceed and the developments will become more interesting. Especially the small companies will profit a lot from the many, new and compact providers and from the easy, intuitive implementation of this Software. Our prediction is that the mid-sized HR Software providers will have increasing difficulties to sell their products to the SMEs, because of this growing competition. The purchasing by credit card for HR Software already increased in the recent years and will continue to increase. In general staff can be used differently, because certain HR processes are better represented, thanks to these innovative HR Software solutions. We will keep you updated on our blog how the journey will continue and about the new developments on the HR Software market.

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