30 January 2017

Unpleasant Effects of unsuitable HR Software

Today’s article deals with the unpleasant effects that can be caused by using unsuitable HR Software. Unfortunately it happens quite often that the HR department decides to purchase HR Software that in the end isn’t suitable to their HR processes. To avoid this you should inform yourself about the selection of the appropriate Software in detail. The implementation of unsuitable HR Software can be very unpleasant for you. That’s why we created a list of a few points that you should necessarily avoid, so you don’t face any unpleasant situations:

  • You decide to purchase HR Software, because you think it’s cheaper than the one from the competition without making a comparison.
  • You underestimate the possibilities of the Provider with regard of your defined HR processes and objectives.
  • The compatibility to other HR information systems is difficult or rather only with bigger financial efforts possible.
  • The analysis and reporting possibilities are not scalable or rather questionable in terms of data accuracy.
  • During the sales process the HR Software Provider explained everything totally different, as you have perceived it in the end.

These are only a few example points that you should necessarily consider while selecting your new HR Software. Do also consider that there is no right or wrong that you can apply in general. This also counts for the Providers, you should consider wisely which one you chose and who best matches your HR objectives.

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Here are some basic rules how to find good HR Software

What is an acceptable Provider for Company A doesn’t have to be one for Company B. Of course the price is an important fact, because not every company can financially effort the newest State of the Art solution. For companies that can actually effort it, but haven’t done so, we can recommend to compare the financial spending’s, that are caused by having implemented unsuitable HR Software. As a matter of principle one can compare the acquisition of HR Software with purchasing other similar products or services. To find the right Provider we created a list of the following basic rules:

  • How is the website of the respective Provider? Is the data up to date and can you see that the product is alive or rather developing?
  • Is the content full with hollow words (Marketing language and glossy brochures)?
  • In any case make your own SWOT-Analysis and compare the Providers that you have taken into closer consideration. More you can find in our blog article published on the 5th of January 2017.
  • Even the best Provider doesn’t have to be the right one for your HR objectives. Make yourself aware about your needs and consider the future developments (ask yourself where you want to be with your HR in the next 2-3 years and which future requirements you will have).
  • Don’t purchase a product only because someone recommends you it is more secure or rather on the basis of the geological area. Think about it as long-term strategy and try to get further advice. You can also have a look to the recommendation of the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC), which gives you a good explanation: Disclosure of Employee Data outside Switzerland.

We hope that this blog article could provide you a closer insight why the decision for an unsuitable HR Software Provider can cause unpleasant effects. That’s why we recommend you to decide wisely. We from HR Software Consulting are there to support you in such situations and we offer you our expertise, so you can make the right decision. For more information feel free to check our Offer page.

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