15 November 2016

What is the meaning of HR TECH?

It’s time for the first real blog article. We thought a good topic to write about is HR TECH, then maybe many of you ask yourself what this term actually means. If you google for the term HR TECH then you will find on the 1st page links to the following websites HR Tech World Congress or HR Technology Conference & Expo. What does it tell us? The HR Software market is in the stage of continuous development. What used to be a domain of a few in the past is developing into a playing ground of many and the tendency is clearly taking this direction. Particularly in times where the topics Business Transformation and Digitization are spreading the word and the technological developments in all life aspects are increasing.

The same process of Digitization is happening to the HR industry in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. At the moment there are probably not many companies left that don’t use a HR system for hiring staff or at least think about implementing a system in the next 1 or 2 years. The Swiss magazine HR Today created a platform this year where they present the newest HR TECH Startups and trends on the Swiss market, further information you will find on www.newstar.hrtoday.ch (German only). One can observe the same in Germany, here the focus lies on a better sponsorship of HR TECH Startups, as there are voices stating that they are falling behind in the international innovation ranking. Within the German Federation Association Startups a professional group called Fachgruppe HR-Startups can bring in ideas and suggestions to promote the German HR TECH Startups and their challenges.

Thinking about HR processes in the context of Business Transformation and Digitization its almost unthinkable that you won’t use technological support from an HR system for hiring new staff, employee development as well as for the payroll. The technological possibilities exist already for a long time and with the rapidly growing HR TECH Startups a lot of fresh innovation power enters this market. This is very important, especially on the Swiss market as in the recent years a uniformity got established that doesn’t bring us forward. Thus we are convinced that the developments on the HR TECH market will also have a positive impact on the Swiss market during the next years as it will carry in a new drive. It is definitely exciting to see the further developments on this market and HRSC will keep you updated and posted!

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