10 January 2017

2 Months HR Software Consulting

HR Software Consulting is now already live for 2 months and we have an increasingly positive impact on the HR Software market here in this beautiful mountainous country Switzerland. We focus on helping you to make the right choice while selecting your HR Software. We believe that your HR processes are best supported by future oriented software, so that also other HR areas can be sooner or later taken into account and you are not ending up in a hopeless situation. We from HR Software Consulting will invest in our awareness level during the next months, so that you will recognise us even better on the market. Our first cooperation’s are developing, for instance to CactusSoft, who kindly published one of our blog articles about Project methods on their blog.

Shamrock: Source, Pixabay.com

We thank all supporters and people who like that we take care of this area. We are just in the beginning, but we are developing our idea and form of consultancy continuously and we hope that our blog articles are interesting and entertaining for you. Feel free to check out our Blog, it is definitely worth it and you will find interesting reading material to many different topics. We are also open for your inputs and feedback, so please send your requests through our Contact form. We keep our fingers crossed in the hope that you will make the right choice in selecting your new HR Software. If you need consultation in this area then we are always there to support you.

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