10 March 2017

4 Months HRSoCo

We are in month four since we went online with our website and we from HR Software Consulting (HRSoCo) are continuously optimizing ourselves and with our blog articles we contribute to an open culture of information. Last month we had a closer look onto Human Resources Management topics and wrote about DISG Personality Tests, Conflict Management, Reference Letters and the topic of the Same Wage for Everyone. This month we go to the next level and will write about topics such as Talent Management, Performance Management and Succession Planning.

The rapid technological developments leave traces, Source: Pixabay.com

Buzzwords Digitization and Business Transformation

This in regard of Human Resources Management processes and to what extent can HR Software solutions add value by supporting them. Particularly in these areas many Human Resources departments from diverse companies are often relatively weak when it comes to using these technological developments. If one has a broader look into the future then one can recognize that with the growing technological advancements a lot will ultimately change. That’s what the so often quoted catchwords Digitization and Business Transformation want to tell us. Without professional HR systems many companies will have to face over mid- and long-term enormous problems. On one hand side in finding the right people and on the other hand side in keeping the right people. These are the challenges, which will impact our near future and that’s what it makes so interesting. We from HRSoCo are well prepared and we will keep you informed about the changing environments and offer our competent consultation.

Furthermore from the 4th until the 5th of April the 16th fair for Human Resources Management (Personal Swiss) takes place in Zurich. We will write about it beforehand and will give you tips and tricks, how you can obtain helpful information from HR Software Providers.

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