10 April 2017

5 Months HR Software Consulting

Exactly 5 months ago, on 10 November 2016 HR Software Consulting (HRSoCo) went live. Since then a lot happened and it is always interesting, how everything can change in life. In the meaning of things always seem to happen when you least expect them. Therefore we from HRSoCo are delighted that our offer attracts considerable interest.

Perspectives are often controversial, Source: Pexels.com

Our offer and website with helpful information to diverse subjects within the Human Resources domain, is often described as value adding when we talk to people from the industry. Through these discussions our own network is continuously crowing. That’s why we will continue to write about HR topics and will continue to have a closer look onto the newest insights and share our point of view. Like in most of our published blog articles we will try to reference to potential HR Software providers and solutions that are related to these subjects. This isn’t always the easiest, as in certain aspects there aren’t HR Software solutions developed yet. And in other topics we don’t want to influence you, so you can create your own opinion about potential HR Software solutions.

Our blog articles this month will deal with topics like Succession Planning, E-Learning and Candidate Management. Furthermore we will investigate, if the Scrum method provides a possibility of successful collaboration within the Human Resources domain. We have found some interesting approaches and experience reports, which we would like to present to you.

Now we wish you a lot of pleasure while reading our blog articles this month and we look forward to receive your valuable feedback.

With the best wishes for a successful April 2017!

HR Software Consulting