27 April 2017

What is important to know when it comes to e-Recruiting solutions

They are called mainly e-Recruiting systems or Applicant tracking solutions and are mostly the first step for many companies and organisations into the so-called HR SaaS (Software as a Service) or HR Cloud solutions. In our today’s blog article we write about these HR Software solutions in a more detailed way. Plus we try to give you a good overview what you should consider to reach long-term satisfaction within this domain.

With E-Recruiting Tools matching your HR processes you can find the best Candidates more easily, Picture source: www.Pexels.com

There are dozens of e-Recruiting systems available

By now there are so many e-Recruiting software solutions, that it got much harder to obtain an overview. Which Provider is the best match, and how is it in general with the features within the HR Software solution? These and many more questions come up once one touches this topic and digs deeper. In the last years it is clearly visible that the price is in the middle of the attention. Many companies seem to be aware of the fact that with a cheaper price they will also have to face certain e-Recruiting Software limitations that come along with it. It also happens that in the beginning the lack of certain software features isn’t seen as too critical, until the system is used daily and one realizes that certain functionalities are missing completely. In most cases changes on standard software aren’t done in a rush, which is understandable from the technical point of view. So it either means long waiting time or investing in the missing feature. Therefore our advice is to consider wisely or to obtain professional help, so you have someone how supports you within this process.

A complete system for different HR processes or a stand-alone e-Recruiting solution

Do you want to use HR SaaS Cloud Software in general, if so how should it look like in the end? What should the HR Software Provider offer to you next to an e-Recruiting system? We recommend you asking these questions before making a decision. Because it is useful to work with the same Provider to promote also other HR processes that aren’t connected to purely recruiting. Once you are satisfied, it is helpful that you stick to one Provider in terms of other HR software solutions. It is advisable to do so, particularly if you want to avoid media discontinuities, which in the end contributes to the fact that you help your employees to make their work environment easier. It is important to consider that the most affordable or low-priced HR Software Provider offers will not potentially lead to your employee’s happiness. Thinking about your strategic approach it is important to notice, if the potential Provider is also active in other areas. Therefore asking also for other topics like for instance Onboarding, Performance Management or Succession Planning and whether or not they are already part of the HR Software Portfolio is an important fact that shouldn’t be neglected! Our recommendation is that in-depth clarification, before making further decisions, is the best one can do here.

Conclusion: Applicant tracking and e-Recruiting software solutions have gone through a big change

Today’s normality working with HR SaaS Cloud solutions led to the fact that e-Recruiting solutions offers changed a lot. For small companies, start-ups and small medium sized companies it is in our opinion much easier nowadays to find HR Software Providers that offer quite good e-Recruiting solutions within this market niche. On the other hand it is more and more questionable, if it is reasonable to use stand-alone e-Recruiting solutions for medium and large enterprises. In this segment the tendency is visible, that companies of a bigger size work with HR Software Providers, where e-Recruiting is only one module of many other modules. And this is for the employees enriching, because they don’t have to deal with media discontinuities, which in the end leads to increased efficiency and effectiveness.


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