20 January 2017

Interesting Facts about the ITIL Foundation Certificate

Have you also ask yourself this question often? If yes then you will like our blog article and it will give you some help. On TechRepublic.com you will find the following definition: “ITIL contains a comprehensive set of best practices that are used to develop and execute IT service management.” Today’s version of this Best Practice Service method is ITIL Foundation V3 and was implemented in 2011. It is the first module that one has to pass to access further modules. If you search for it on the Internet, then you will find many hints and different course possibilities. In Switzerland for instance from Digicomp, where you pay almost CHF 2.500.-. Other online courses are almost free of charge. So it’s quite useful to make up your mind, before you take a provider.

ITIL Foundation Circle, Source: allevents.in

This Certificate is very useful and not only for your CV or LinkedIn profile as proof of completing it. The added value for organisations can be enormous, because you learn how to design the support processes more efficient. It is a method for practical users that want to know what to optimise within their organisation. Many people will have the so-called “aha” or “wow” effect, particularly if the internal and external customer requests are dealt with a certain routine that doesn’t bring the organisation further.

How you can best prepare yourself for the exam is something you have to find out yourself. If you have plenty of time or you are fast in processing and digesting new information then you can take an online course. In many cases your employer can organise this course or at least let you take part in an external one. To pass the exam in the end you need “only” 65%, which means 26 out of 40 questions have to be correct, so lower as PMP where you should have at least 70%. Nevertheless you shouldn’t underestimate this exam and prepare well for it. It also matters where you have made the course and exams, as the quality can differ a lot. Especially in the English speaking countries there are bigger differences. Shouldn’t you have joined a course where you have received a summary of the important questions and answers then you should purchase the right books and make the right tests. There are a lot of online tests that you can take to improve your knowledge that we recommend to you. Furthermore there is a very good published list of books that you can find on Simplilearn.com. Here you can definitely find some good books for a proper preparation.

To sum up one can say about the ITIL Foundation V3 Certificate that you should definitely make it if you have the chance to, particularly if you are in contact with IT support processes and if you want to bring your organisation forward. As you can read in this blog article, it is possible to learn for it individually, which definitely takes more time but can safe you a lot of money in comparison to a classroom training. How you want to proceed now is up to you and we from HR Software Consulting wish you a lot of success!

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