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The Offer of HR Software Consulting:

HR Software Consuling - Our Offer


HRSoCo is there to ensure that you find the right HR Software, which will best support your HR objectives and processes. We do this by:

  • HR Requirements Analysis: We help you translate your HR objectives and the needs of your daily business into a set of requirements used to find the HR Software best suited to your needs.
  • HR Software Evaluation & Selection: Together we will look at different HR Software packages and leverage our experience to best match existing offers to your specific requirements. As output of this process step we will identify top 3 software packages, including the set of software modules relevant for you in each of them.
  • Negotiations with the HR Software vendors: We will support you in negotiating the best offer for the software package and modules you need. If we engage in price negotiations with multiple vendors, at the end of the process we will make the final vendors recommendation for you. HRSoCo is not affiliated with any HR Software vendors, that’s why you can count on our objective assessment.

Your Benefits

  • You gain new HR Software best matching your needs.
  • You pay only for what you really need: no redundant software modules and services.
  • You have full understanding of alternative HR Software packages and what’s best for you throughout the decision process.
  • You avoid choosing the wrong HR Software and the consequences of this decision (sunk costs, ineffective internal processes for the next 5-8 years).


Implementation of HR Software is run as a standard project, with the vendor charging you based on daily rates. Because of this, effective management of HR Software implementation will generate further savings for you. HRSoCo will step in to represent your interests during the HR Software implementation phase and optimize:

  • HR Software Configuration Management: We will help you reach the right balance between the out-of-the-box functionalities and customized features. This way you can ensure that you will minimize the costs of future releases and that you will gain an HR solution well aligned with your existing systems and brand guidelines.
  • End-to-end HR Software Implementation: We will leverage experience from past HR Software implementations to estimate the effort needed from the vendor to complete the implementation. We will also work together with the vendor to facilitate the implementation, knowledge transfer, and monitor the project costs.

Your benefits

  • You ensure that the HR Software is best tailored to your needs.
  • You avoid hidden maintenance costs which would hit you in the future.
  • Your new HR Software is successfully implemented at low cost.

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