3 April 2017

Personal Swiss – as every year

As every year the Personal Swiss takes place tomorrow (4th until 5th of April, exhibition hall in Zurich) and as every year a lot of new things have developed in the HR Software domain, as one can find many new HR Software providers. So it’s worth it to have a closer view at the list of the exhibitors. Our today’s blog article gives you some useful hints and advice, how you can find your added value from this year’s Personal Swiss, so you can in the end make the right decision.

Personal Swiss HR Software hints and advice, Source: Pexels.com

Personal Swiss and HR Software providers – why the visit is worth it

It is worth it to participate at the Personal Swiss, if you work in the domain Human Resources / Personnel Management and you are searching actively or passively for HR Software that supports your specific HR processes. The list of the exhibitors is crowing every year and therefore one should have a trained eye, particularly when it’s about your HR processes. That’s why we recommend you to use the day or days at this exhibition, where you can exchange with the providers and obtain a better overview about the offered HR Software solutions.

Our advise for the successful HR software selection at the Personal Swiss

The following ten points can serve you as a proper basis in the process of finding the matching HR Software.

  1. Create a requirements catalog.
  2. Brainstorm with your team – HR Software Vs. your HR processes.
  3. Contact your own network and learn from their experiences. Don’t make the same mistakes as they might have done!
  4. Bring in your IT department as early as possible: Topics security and data protection.
  5. Costs HR Software: How much mentoring from HR Software provider / Implementation partner? This has effects on the implementation budget.
  6. Time is money. How much time to you have? Basically you can apply the following rule: A lot of time = less implementation costs.
  7. Is the HR Software compatible with your HR Core System? Do reliable interfaces exist?
  8. Don’t lose your sight of your goals. Search for holistic providers and clarify their strengths and weaknesses.
  9. Do you already have an internal HR road map? Where do you want to be in 2 until 3 years with your HR processes? Which HR Software provider can support you here?
  10. Avoid too spontaneous decisions. Which means comparing the implementation and maintenance costs well.

If you are interested we can hand you out a more detailed list or we can consult you individually. Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you are interested.

Our advice – your success

We hope that we could provide you a short overview with our 10 advice points. It gives you an overview for what you should look out for, during tomorrows starting Personal Swiss, when it comes to HR Software providers and their solutions.

HR Software in the Clouds, Source: Pexels.com

Don’t forget that in future you will see a further increase in HR Software Cloud solutions. Which means for you that you can implement solutions easier and the operation will be easier too. We keep our fingers crossed that you will find the right HR Software solutions that match your specific HR processes during this year’s Personal Swiss.

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