6 July 2017

With the help of the right HR Software you can increase the team spirit

During the last months we got more and more aware of the fact that due to good HR Software systems it is possible to reach a higher team spirit. That’s why our blog article today will give you an overview about this topic. Because with good HR Software you can create a new working atmosphere, so it is time that the Human Resources department starts to convince the directors why it is time to establish this new path of success.

Higher team spirit thanks to HR Software, Picture Source: Pexels.com

What is the effect of HR Software in times of change?

Especially with regard to the new ways of working methods it is important that one considers early, how to overcome these changes and that’s where good HR Software can significantly add value. Next to the Human Resources department also the company’s directors have to realise this. Otherwise it wouldn’t change much. Only if companies realise that they have to change, so they need to take on new ways, which in particular means in terms of employee collaboration. HR Software can contribute here significantly, if it’s properly aligned with the business objectives. You can read more on Jobsience.com in an article called 7 Simple Ways to Increase Employee Satisfaction. It is not enough anymore to have an E-Recruiting that might offer a modern HR solution, when it comes to hiring new employees. Nowadays it is more important to have a plan about the company’s needs to be successful in future and which HR Software is the most suitable one for a long-term business relationship.

You have to convince stringent IT departments

It might sound provocative, but eventually this sub headline does hit the nail on the head! Why would the HR department be forced to give up implementing the most suitable HR Software, only because someone from the IT department tells them that it does not work since the data repository is differently handled? Basically it is universally valid that all HR Software providers, which have their data centers within the EU, are fully align with the Swiss data protection law. We also wrote about this in our blog article about unsuitable HR Software end of January of this year. So if anyone from IT bothers you with this topic, then you know how to answer now. Unless someone finds a severe security issue in the system of an HR Software provider, which is of course possible but quite unlikely, as most of the bigger players on the market conduct regularly penetration tests! Realistically seen is HR data safer at an experienced company, if not even safer than at a small local Swiss provider. During the next discussion with your IT contact person you can bring up this topic, because especially nowadays you should highlight the higher security standards of the experienced HR Software providers. Quite the contrary is the case, better ask yourself if you data is safe at a provider who doesn’t have this experience.

Concluding remark: Make your employees happy and take mature HR Software

If you really want to have satisfied employees, then you should not consider long and take HR Software that does have mature processes, so you know exactly that it will pay off. Go with the time and leave inherited burdens behind you! Browse the market with the goal to be ahead in all the areas that can be decisive for your future business needs. As of today it should not be the case anymore that the HR department deals only with the administration of the workforce. It is more important to implement the right talent strategy, so you make sure to keep your valuable employees for a long term. You can find more information about this topic and how to approach it for instance on hrmsolutions.com, which deals with the topic Talent Management Vs. Human Capital Management and asks the question what’s the better strategy.